Heliwest was guided by our corporate philosophy in the initial establishment of a Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) capability – to continue to offer clients the best tool for the job. As a progressive company this included the emerging technologies currently available to market or in development. This approach allows Heliwest to maximise value for money and effectiveness of an aviation solution. To support business activities during variations of economic climate, whether the solution be Manned (Helicopters or Aeroplanes), Unmanned (RPAS) or a combination/blending of technologies.

Recognising that the aircraft is only one small part of the capability, Heliwest decided at the foundation stage of capability development that rather than attempt to become masters in spatial processing, data analysis, videography and alike; a teamed approach with some of the most innovative spatial and data processing companies in the region would allow Heliwest to provide a high quality total solution to the end user, that can be tailored to meet any requirements.

CASA Certified Operator

Heliwest was the first manned aviation services provider to be awarded an Unmanned Operators Certificate (UOC) in Australia. This formal approval for RPA operations, authorises Heliwest to conduct RPA operations for flight tasks including RPA Training, Aerial Photography, Aerial Spotting and Aerial Survey. As part of our UOC approvals the company has employed on a full time basis and Chief Controller and Maintenance Controller. These two key personnel maintain the company’s approvals and oversee operation of the company’s Remotely Piloted Aircraft and crews. All Heliwest crews are experienced and licensed aviation professionals, in addition to being licensed remote pilots all crew members are also aircrew with recent and relevant experience in conducting aerial operations for the resource sector, first responders, training and survey..