In a first for Australia, Heliwest’s new Elite Twin Squirrel flight simulator is now operational and available to both experienced pilots and aspiring aviators.

It’s equipped with appropriate instrumentation and controls and a class specific flight model. External scenery shows visibility, airport lights, wind and cloud layers with continuous time of day settings. Based on satellite images, the area around selected airports is visualised with textures and reflects the land cover of a region.

Within the cockpit, primary flight controls include dual cyclic, collective and pedal set-up with autopilot disconnect buttons. Three TFT monitors are used for pilot, co-pilot and engine instruments.

All simulated instruments operate as in the actual helicopter and instrument response rates are equal to those found in the helicopter.

The simulator provides the instructor with the ability to control the simulation environment for Instrument Rating training (eg visibility or location) as well providing a variety of training tools. Situations such as malfunctions can be selected and ATC communication with the cockpit crew can be included.

This AS355 Twin Squirrel simulator is JAA, FAA and CASA approved for IFR and NVFR.