Heliwest specialise in training Professional Remote Pilots and assisting those pilots to take the next step and obtaining their own Remote Operators Certificate (ReOC), enabling them to operate their own company/business in relation to Remote Piloted Aircraft (RPA) operations.

Course Overview

The ReOC course is a one-on-one course designed to tailor the pilot’s application to the required environment the pilot wishes to operate. We endeavour to educate and advise the operator to a level we think world class organisations are looking for.

Course Structure

The course assists and advises the Remote Pilot on but not limited to the following:

  • Establishment of Clients Operations Manual and Procedures Library
  • Assistance in creation of Safety Manuals and procedures
  • Plan and train Nominated persons for required role – Chief Remote Pilot and Maintenance Controller
  • Advise and assist in CASA application process
  • Train Remote Pilots in specific roles as required
  • Propose solutions that meet clients needs and assist in implementation
  • Assist in Pilot induction process and twelve (12) monthly flight checks
  • Provide assessment of current procedures and provide processes to update documentation to current Civil Aviation Safety Regulations and Manual of Standards 101.

Further Information

For more information on Heliwest’s Operations or ReOC training packages please Contact Us.