Heliwest offers a wide variety of helicopter and aeroplane theory training solutions. From PPL to ATPL, we have a course to suit your training needs.

Heliwest Full Time Ground Theory

Theory classes run from Monday to Friday throughout the year and requires approximately four months to complete seven CPL subjects.

Full time training runs from 0900 (9:00am) – 1500 (3.00pm) and 1300 (1.00pm) – 1700 (5.00pm). This gives students the opportunity to fly before or after class in order to continue their practical training.

These classes have been designed to take students with little or no aviation experience through to the standard of commercial pilot. If you are not successful in any of the theory subjects, you may re-sit the next class at no additional expense.


Whilst private theory classes are not regularly scheduled for, Heliwest are able to run courses in an on demand basis. Contact the Flight School Coordinator to register your interest and obtain a quote. If pre-reading is completed by the student a compressed course can be completed in as little as two weeks full time. Heliwest also offers the facilities to sit the private exam in house at the completion of your course.


One on one tutoring can be offered for students who wish to brush up on, or may be struggling with a particular subject. Once again contact the Flight School Coordinator to register your interest and obtain pricing. Please note this service is aside from the support offered to all students using our self-study packs by our Ground School Instructors.


For students who are restricted by work and finances, another option is self study. This can be difficult to do as there are often distractions to your study, and you don’t see the “tricks of the trade” from the classroom environment. However, if this is the way to fit study into your schedule we are are happy to provide as much guidance as possible via phone or email.

2022 Subjects Dates Spots
Aircraft General Knowledge 15 – 19 Aug 8
Aerodynamics 5 – 9 Sep 8
Navigation 19 – 23 Sep 8
Meterology 3 – 7 Oct 8
Air Law 17 – 21 Oct 8
Human Factors 31 Oct – 4 Nov 8
Operations, Performance and Planning 14 – 18 Nov 8
2023 Subjects Dates Spots
Aircraft General Knowledge 9 – 13 Jan 8
Aerodynamics 23 -27 Jan 8
Navigation 6 – 10 Feb 8
Meterology 20 – 24 Feb 8
Air Law 6 – 10 Mar 8
Human Factors 20 – 24 Mar      8
Operations, Performance and Planning 3 – 7 Apr 8