The resources industry demands reliability and customer-focused flexibility, which Heliwest achieve by dedicating a large proportion of assets to companies’ requirements both onshore and offshore.

The vast distances involved in regions such as the Pilbara require the frequent use of helicopters to achieve many mining and resources-related tasks from geological mapping to heritage surveys.  The ability to move around autonomously, without the need for prepared runways, extensive ground handling or external support makes a helicopter the transport of choice for prospective investors, busy project managers and survey teams alike.  Furthermore, with few hardened roads across the region, helicopter transport becomes essential after major rainfall or flooding events.

The company’s fleet of AS350 and Bell 206 helicopters work tirelessly throughout the Pilbara region, as well as across the rest of WA.  This extensive coverage allows a responsive and individually tailored solution to any aviation demand.

Heliwest has extensive experience conducting survey and mapping work throughout the Pilbara, Gascoyne and Goldfields regions of Western Australia and in the Northern Territory. Our highly experienced pilots offer the skills necessary to safely utilize equipment such as SkyTEM Airborne Electromagnetics.