Heliwest have a large specialist staff available to meet customer requirements, these include:


Licensed rotary, fixed wing and RPA pilots and experienced resource sector and emergency services aviation

Payload Operators

Real world experience with specialist sensors, how to employ the sensors and how to interpret the data from them to deliver the required product

Licensed Engineers

Larger platforms are maintained by licensed engineers

Registered Mine Surveyors

Partner organisations can provide licensed surveyors, and or registered mine surveyors to deliver legal reporting for the client


Partner organisations can provide highly experienced geophysics and data processing to airborne geophysical operations

Seeding / Spraying Specialists

Qualified and experienced Agricultural operators with training in multiple chemicals and products. Proven methods with continuous safe results

RPAS Instructors

Commercially seasoned Remote Piloted Aircraft (RPA) operators with prior experience as manned flight instructors/fixed wing & Rotary wing pilots with years of teaching under their belt