Heliwest have established a number of agreements, and relationships to gain access and experience with a number of platforms to service customer requirements. The platforms below are an indication of the capabilities available to contract clients on request.

VTOL Systems

A number of platforms are available through Heliwest agreements and partner organisations. The VTOL capability is ideally suited to shorter range or endurance tasking requests.

Indago Vector Hawk Aerialtronics ATX-8
IndagoUAV VectorHawk Aerialtronics-ATX-8


HL-Q S900 Inspire
QuadX S900 Inspire

Fixed Wing Systems

A number of fixed wing platforms are available depending on the role required. Capabilities are well represented for range endurance and a variety of payloads for varying price points.

Ebee UX-5 Desert Hawk
Ebee UX5 DesertHawk


Desert Hawk EER Vector Hawk Stalker
DesertHawkEER VectorHawk Stalker2


Penguin B Bramor C4I/Geo/RTK T20
Penguin BramorUAV T20

Hybrid Quad / Jump Systems

Hybrid quad aircraft are an emerging technology and provide the benefits of both VTOL and conventional fixed wing systems in a single airframe. Heliwest have secured access to a number of platforms that provide the capability. One of the major benefits is the system remains under positive control throughout the launch and recovery process unlike parachute recovery and catapult launch systems.

HQ 40/60 Jump-15 Jump-20
HQ40 Jump15 Jump20


EO/IR Gimbals

A number of gimballed systems are available for task such as security and surveillance, wildfire monitoring, feral animal monitoring and infrastructure inspection tasks ranging in video quality, sensors and weights.


LIDAR is a relatively new capability with size weight and power requirements becoming manageable. The Velodyne series of small laser scanners and VUX-1 from Reigel can provide survey accurate LIDAR from small RPA

Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)

SAR is used for a wide variety of environmental applications, such as monitoring crop characteristics, deforestation, ice flows, and oil spills. Oil spills can be detected in SAR imagery because the oil changes the backscatter characteristics of the ocean. SAR also offers the capability for detecting changes between imaging passes and Interferometric SAR can be used to generate very accurate surface profile maps of the terrain,


Heliwest is experienced in providing airborne broadcast platforms for clients such as Channel 10, Department of Fire and Emergency Services and many other production clients over the last 22 Years. Through the appropriate platforms, payloads and data links Heliwest can continue to provide cost effective solutions to the industry.

Multispectral Imaging

Multispectral imaging of vegetation is quite useful in the identification of crop stress indicators or other issues, namely a shortage of nutrients, nutrient run off or water levels. Pests or other plant stressors such as microbes or spores also leave their spectral mark on a plant, and can be identified from hundreds of feet in the air.


Operations over hostile terrain have proved high risk and challenging for Exploration operations. As sensors requirements for size weight and power reduce they become suitable to be conducted with RPA platforms. Aerial magnetic surveys can be conducted through fixed wing aircraft, long range and long endurance that can prove more cost effective than traditional methods.

Support / Consulting Capability

Heliwest are able to provide a range of support options to internal RPA operations, including Chief Controller and Maintenance controller training and mentoring, audit services and advice on managing a RPA capability. Heliwest can also consult on platform suitability prior to purchase, payload suitability and ongoing support requirements for systems that may not be obvious at the time of purchasing a new system.