Our equipment is small and lightweight and can be transported anywhere in the world at short notice. Our inspection services are included in many routine maintenance schedules, in addition to the one-off tasks assisting with emergency situations. The use of Remotely Piloted Aircraft and the correct sensor can allow asset managers to inspect difficult to reach areas, inspect critical areas and efficiently plan shutdown activities. Deliverables include data sets such as 3D modelling, High Resolution stills and videos, Specialist reports, PDF documents with embedded 3D models and annotations, Point Clouds, and CAD models.
Remotely Piloted Aircraft can be used for project progress reporting on large infrastructure projects. Engineers can monitor and control what the camera is viewing, enabling them to select the exact photos they wish to capture. Remotely Piloted Aircraft may also be used to pre-survey construction sites and corridors.

Deliverables include data sets such as 3D point clouds; High Definition Images, video and radiometric Infra-red (IR) stills and video can be also used to document critical areas during construction.

Remotely Piloted Aircraft have become vital tools in oil and gas operations in recent years, used to complete tasks such as Flare tip inspections, Radio tower inspections, Corrosion detection, Structural integrity inspections, Crane inspections, thermography inspections, leak detection, Pipeline monitoring, Tank inspections, Jetty inspections as well as longer duration (endurance) security and pollution monitoring.

Deliverables include data sets such as Live video streaming, 3D modelling, High Resolution stills and videos, Specialist reports, PDF documents with embedded 3D models and annotations, Point Clouds, and CAD models.

Linear infrastructure inspections have previously been limited to Visual – Line of Sight only. Approval can now be granted for Extended Line of Sight and Beyond Visual Line of Sight operations. As such the Remotely Piloted Aircraft can perform tasks much more efficiently over traditional methods.
Heliwest inspect thousands of power lines assets across Australia each year. Remotely Piloted Aircraft can provide a much safer and in many cases more cost effective way to conduct inspections of the assets. Remotely Piloted Aircraft are capable of filling the gap between the traditional helicopters and the conventional ground crews. Heliwest are experts in blending these technolgies.

The Remotely Piloted Aircraft can provide highly detailed photos, HD video; Corona UV and Thermal Imaging to Asset Managers and Inspection Engineers enabling them make informed condition assessments.

Remotely Piloted Aircraft are able to assist in the maintenance of required clearances between power lines and surrounding vegetation. Detecting and monitoring change in the vegetation over a given timeframe – perfect for tend monitoring.

Aircraft operating either Extended or Beyond Visual Line of Sight with LiDAR, laser scanning and/or photogrammetry sensors can survey the corridor and provide accurate 3D models easily identifying hazardous vegetation in the easement zone.

Heliwest conduct aerial patrols for tens of thousands of kilometres of pipelines in Australia each year for a number of customers. Our Remotely Piloted Aircraft have reached a development phase in Australia that allows them to undertake the task in remote areas conducting highly detailed imagery including Optical and Infra-red.

Laser scanning and or photogrammetry sensors can survey the corridor and provide accurate 3D models and allow managers to identify unauthorised activity, downed signage and hazardous vegetation in the easement zone.

Remotely Piloted Aircraft are able to inspect, monitor and maintain roads in good condition. They can also monitor erosion and surface during high risk periods and post natural disaster events such as major storms and cyclones.
Efficiency in support of mine sites is a key RPA function. Deliverables such as Asset Inspection, Stockpile Calculations, Open Cut Pit Volumes, Pit Wall Inspections, Photogrammetric Applications, Point Cloud Generation, Geo-referenced Ortho-Mosaics, Thermography Surveys, Multispectral Imagery, Environmental Monitoring, Heritage Area Reporting are all available, increasing capabilities and efficiency with minimal disruption to an operating mine site.

Remote Piloted Systems are well suited for operations over hostile terrain, when configured with Airborne magnetic survey capabilities for exploration. They can provide a service where manned aircraft cannot traditionally operate safely. Delivering the data sets traditional aircraft deliver with the added safety of an unmanned vehicle. Additionally in conjunction with our partner organisations data processing and data interpretation services are available on projects around the world.

Remotely Piloted Aircraft can provide services that can monitor areas and assess large areas of the environment in a cost effective manner. Capabilities range from small onshore areas and specific site mapping to large remote area and offshore marine animal monitoring. Platforms and sensors are selected to match the requirements of the task.

Deliverables can include animal counts, still images, video, maps and more. Specific sensors can be carried to meet requirements as required.

Heliwest has years of experience providing aerial solutions to the Emergency Services and Frist Responder market. This includes developing the first generation of fire mapping helicopters in Western Australia, call when needed quick response capabilities and providing contracted specialist aircraft around the country – both manned and unmanned assets. Our unique services and equipment are able to assist by providing aerial support and real-time imagery and include the ability to distribute video to anywhere in the world in real time. Emergency Managers can monitor a developing situation – anytime and anywhere. Heliwest can be deployed at very short notice to assist in critical situations anywhere in Australia onshore and offshore.

Heliwest’s emergency services platforms are current generation, military grade aircraft. These aircraft feature secure communications, exceptional weather tolerance (high winds, day and night and is some cases heavy rain conditions) to ensure the information is collected and distributed when it is needed most – allowing for instant informed decisions. Heliwest are one of the few organisations with real world Unmanned Systems experience, operating in support of Emergency Services during disasters around the world.

Heliwest is able to support agencies asked to perform marketing and promotional work for a diverse range of clients for capabilities, projects and services on request. Capabilities include aerial filming delivering stills and video of required areas under direction from the client or agency creative directors.

Heliwest are able to assist companies that wish to explore the use of remotely piloted aircraft in their operations. The intended operations are explored and a proposed solution presented that meets the client’s requirements. Once accepted by the client a proof of concept is conducted and any required changes are implemented to deliver the required level of service.

The operation is generally continued as an operational trial for a 3 month period while standard operating procedures are developed and client training is conducted to take over the operation once Remote Pilots are trained and the client’s Remote Operator’s Certificate (ReOC) is awarded. Under this model mentoring and assistance for Chief Remote Pilots application to CASA and continued support will allow near seamless operations transitions. Relief pilots that are familiar with the operation are available to assist with any manning shortages and avoid any disruptions to the capability.

Heliwest have integrated one of the most advanced airborne systems onto a Remote Piloted Aircraft the result being a system capable of counting animals in the wild without interfering with their habitat. While also being capable of counting and checking domestic stock. This system has been tasked for use with Australian agencies and is available for deployment throughout the world.

Heliwest have conducted the initial trials of remote piloted seeding and spraying systems for large mining companies in the Pilbara region and in the last few years have been expanding into larger and more efficient systems to provide a service to a wider range of clients. These systems include the use of the safest seeding/spray Remote piloted aircraft with the most experienced pilots in the field of both manned and unmanned Agricultural Airwork.

Heliwest is available to assists Chief Remote Pilots with their requirement to conduct induction of their Remote Pilots onto their companies Remote Operators Certificate (ReOC) and aid in conducting required Flight check on each Remote Pilot in areas throughout Australia.

“Subject to regulatory compliance”